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Okay, so….i know everyone out there has a little something extra in their closets or homes that they don’t need, don’t wear, or don’t use. It’s just taking up space right? Some of you are probably like…. Oh hey I’m going to take the stuff to goodwill. Well, why not make a little extra money and sell them to others. Your stuff may range from new to used but still wearable right? Some gadgets are still usable as well. List them on Poshmark so people can view them, make offers, or just outright buy your stuff!



I joined Poshmark to see if I could make a little extra money for school while getting rid of stuff I didn’t need at the same time. It’s only been about 2 weeks and I have already made 2 sales, not bad at all. You can also find really affordable things here you may need as well! Poshmark takes 20% of all sales over $20 and $2.75 for sales under 15. They send you a prepaid shipping label with USPS so you attach it to the box and it gets sent on its ways.



I say try it out because we can make a mini business out of things we don’t need. What are you waiting for,  go try it out as it’s free to sign up!  Only charge is a percent of sales :)



If yout want an extra $5 to see if you want to buy anything, click on the link below to register :) and use my code.  HAPPY POSHING ^_^

Join my fashion shopping network. We’re shopping closets together on @poshmarkapp. Sign up w code PTYUP for $5 credit


Wealthy Affiliate


Today, I will be going over the Wealthy Affiliate Program.


It is FREE for new folks to join Wealthy Affiliate! People can join the #1 community in the world for creating and growing an online business, no initial investment required. Discovered By Kyle and Carson, these two are awesome mentors, they are there with you every single day. They are active within the community as is every member. They are there to help you every step of the way.

You heard that right! It is free to join. For those who end up finding it a great resource can join premium with a starting 19$ for the first month. Trust me, it is well worth it! I have found no other program like the Wealthy Affiliate that gives us free lessons, two free websites, and more. Anyone can be successful and you can learn how to be here!

I am an ongoing member for 4 and a half months now and I am loving it. I  am implementing my two sites (free with the initial sign up) and the 25 websites that come with the premium membership. I have learned so much and can’t wait to see how much I will grow within the year.

Here is the affiliate link to start off free if you want to try, I guarantee you will love it!

Here is a video from our founder as well :]


I hope this article was helpful. I did a brief summary of the important details, but WA is the best program I have seen yet and it is entirely free. Unlike others who take CC information, we don’t take anything here unless you sign up for premium. Take advantage of the free education and enjoy!